Goal Setting 101

I thought this topic would be appropriate for a blog post because everyone has goals. It may be with your health, weight, physical activity or something else! I recently learned how to set a GOOD Goal! You might be thinking every goal is GOOD, right? Well I want to help you set goals that you can really pull off!

So example #1 is a goal that I hear everyday! It is so common but what does it mean?


Losing weight is great but how are you going to do it? So before you set your goal you need to look at the dietary and physical changes that need to happen to reach your goal!

For example if you set a goal around physical activity, it will definitely help you lose weight!

So start by looking at the changes that need to happen to reach your true ( BIG ) goal, and make a small goal with these changes! Then set a measurable goal. Doing more physical activity is not measurable! But walking so many miles or minutes is! Next make a realistic goal like walking 30 minutes this is definitely realistic! ( 6 miles a day, not so realistic for a busy mom) Lastly make sure it’s forgiving! You want to walk 30 minutes 5 out of 7 days a week! ( 7 out of 7 days would not be forgiving ) See you just make a great goal that is measurable, realistic and forgiving and that is most definitely going to help you with your healthy living!

Good Luck!


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Welcome to the NEW improved Always Healthy Mom site (www.alwayshealthymom.com). It has been a project of love! I wanted to make sure I could support moms and families with more How to’s and materials to promote healthy living!  Please use the materials on this site to help you and your family live Always healthy! I would love to know what you think!

Check out…

The Always Healthy Mom Shopping guide!


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The LUNCH Conundrum

The LUNCH Conundrum

Until recently I thought my method of packing school lunches was working well and was efficient. Before I went to the store every Sunday I would ask the boys what fruit they wanted what lunch meat they felt like. I was pretty confident in the choices that I was making for them like…wheat bread, non sugary drink and so on. But what I thought was going all too smoothy soon game to a screeching halt!

An e-mail arrived in my in box! (From my sons teacher to me!) She nicely informed me that my son was not eating all his lunch he said the grapes smelled like broccoli and he hated his sandwich! My heart was broken I was a deer caught in head lights of the LUNCH Conundrum! Always Healthy Mom, how could this have happened? You are packing a healthy lunch but the kids are not eating it, this is a problem, and I was very anxious to find a solution!

Take home message:
I don’t think there is one way to raise  a healthy family! It has to be the way that works for your family! What I do might work some days and I might need to be open to new ways as well!
So of course you are asking what did Always Healthy Mom do?

My solution….
First the kids and I agree on everything that I pack, the meat, the bread, the fruit then I have decided to let the kids pick out one thing that I might not approve of for their lunch! This way 80% of the lunch is healthy and I know they are going to eat it and 20% is what they wanted within reason and appropriate portion size, of course!
My thought is  that children need to have positive encouragement but they also need some freedom to make descions on their own. raising a healthy family is a work in progress and I realize it is not going to happenn over night! My kids are learning what the healthy foods are and that they have a say in the foods they choose to eat. My goal is to raise healthy eaters and help guide them to live a heathy lifestyle!

Always Healthy Mom

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Full Plate – Feb. 12 – Valentine’s Mixes

Check out my guest visit on Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate!
Full Plate – Feb. 12 – Valentine’s Mixes

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Know the facts!

About 12,000 new food items are introduced each year! (WOW)

Q: How many of those items do you think are healthy ?
A: Not very many! Yikes!

Here are a few of my favorite not so healthy items from 2011…

Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack

KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl

Burger King Triple Whopper
These new food items could scare anyone to eat healthier!
Always Healthy Mom

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Ideas for your valentine

Cute and fun ideas for your Valentine…

Pinned Image
A chex-mix for your lovely friend!

valentines day  rice krispie treats
Shapes make any food fun!


A candy goes a long way!

A fun kids treat has many uses!

valentines treats
Your gift does not have to be food!

A fun personal picture!

Fruit and cheese kabobvalentine fruit
My fav heart shaped fruit!

heartsFor your favorite Valentine.....
A great breakfast for your valentine!

Love this!

marshmallow pops

Marshmallow Pops
Not so healthy but fun and cute!

Pink risotto! I am in heaven!

strawberry bruschetta
Strawberry Bruschetta! Yummy!

Strawberry lemonade
And last but not least Pink lemonade!

Always Healthy Mom

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Defending your waisteline for the BIG game!

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More Action

Love these motivating ideas!

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51 positive things to do instead of eating!

51 positive things you can do instead of eating…

  1. Take a walk
  2. Ride your bike
  3. Read
  4. Read to you kids
  5. Rake
  6. Swim
  7. Garden
  8. Meditate
  9. Decorate
  10. Volunteer
  11. Study
  12. Crossword
  13. Sew
  14. Knit
  15. Yoga
  16. Jog
  17. zumba
  18. Play with your kids
  19. Blog
  20. Write
  21. Shop
  22. Mani
  23. Pedi
  24. Treadmill
  25. Draw
  26. Wii
  27. Call a friend
  28. Sweep
  29. Dust
  30. Clean
  31. Pluck eye brows
  32. Shave your legs
  33. Organize your closet
  34. Weed
  35. Mow the lawn
  36. Get the mail
  37. Take pictures
  38. Get your hair done
  39. Get a message
  40. Listen to music
  41. Dance
  42. Jump rope
  43. Laugh
  44. Lift weights
  45. Journal
  46. Shower
  47. Scrapbook
  48. Watch a movie
  49. Tai chi
  50. Do laundry
  51. LIVE!

Always Healthy Mom

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I love this term ( SOMETIMES FOODS) and I learned it from a kindergarden teacher (a  wise one at that). These are foods that we don’t eat all the time ( for obvious reasons). These are not foods that are nessisarily good for you. But it’s important not to put foods into good and bad categories for children.

Here is how I like to explain it…

We have All the time foods like apples, bananas, carrots, healthy snacks like struing cheese and yogurt, dinner foods like grilled chicken or fish and we have foods that we eat sometimes like…


Fruit Snacks

Ice Cream

Now~ you see what I mean?
We most definitly can’t eat these foods all the time, but it’s probably unrealistic to say we will never eat them. I do spend most of my time buying fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain breads and lean protiens but when the occasional ( and I mean occassional) Bag of chips makes a mad dash for my pantry I take comfort in knowing, that in moderation my kids can enjoys sometimes foods!
I know I did when I was younger!

**** It’s important not to reward kids with SOMETIMES FOODS!
The only thing this does is create dislike for the healthy foods they are encouraged  to eat before they get a treat!

 Always Healthy Mom

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